How a Lot of Mechanics Make Money

Among the things I enjoy is value for my money, this makes me go home smiling even if I have spent a fortune on the product or service I received. However, that has not been a common situation whenever I take my car for service or repair to other mechanics. Some mechanics have stood out with integrity and that is a fact I cannot overlook. They charge you for the right services and products, and ensure they only take what belongs to them. But a number need to take integrity classes. After a number of rip-offs, below are a few ways I have learned on how mechanics shrewdly make their money.

Misdiagnosis for something that’s fully functional
Among the most famous lines by mechanics is “this must be replaced.” They say it with such conviction that it sounds like an emergency. To ensure they meet their financial demands, they advise for parts that are fully functional to be replaced. Even the parts that can be repaired, to them require replacement. With this, most people end up paying for parts they do not really need.

What makes one wonder is how a simple session of oil-change ends up to the car needing a new transmission. Also known as “wallet flash”, this is meant to ensure that a simple service turns into something that will cost a fortune by the time the car leaves the garage.

Using the car for other purposes after servicing
A number of cars have been wrecked by mechanics who ended up using the car to visit friends and other clients after repairs. This is one occurrence that is becoming more and more common with mechanics, as a number have been caught on cameras. The hardest part of this is that, even if they are caught in the act; as long as the car is not damaged, it is hard to tell the reason the car is being driven around. This makes it hard for me to claim compensation.

Making the client pay for work not done
What I will never come to terms with is how people consciously receive money for the services they did not perform. A mechanic will cold-bloodedly tell me to pay for a filter change yet he did not even open the hood. Some of the motor parts are not easy to change, yet they find it easy to charge for it despite not doing any job. The most common tactic used is the so called “idiots light”, which is based hugely on exploiting fear.

The “check engine light” is used to see if there are any faulty parts in the vehicle. The light shows codes for each faulty part. As famously known by mechanics, every time a code is shown, a part should be replaced, even if the part was only loose and needed tightening.

When parts of my car get stolen while the car is being serviced
Wonder what happened to your car stereo since it came from the mechanic? The worst part of rip-off by mechanics is when they take parts of the vehicle that they know will never be noticed. They spare nothing that their hands can quickly get a grab on, starting from the spare change that seems idle in the ashtray to even your spare tires. Parts that are meant to enhance the performance of the vehicle will go missing only for you to notice much later how the car seems to be different from how it was bought.

The bottom line is, it is time for mechanics to style up and learn the power of integrity. Money comes and goes, but integrity goes a long way in enhancing a mechanic’s business. One way I retain customers is through honesty, which is something I personally value.