How To Tell If You’re getting Ripped

By giving my advice regarding the things you need to look out for to avoid being ripped off by your mechanic, I do not mean that all mechanics are dishonest and out to fleece the last dime from their clients. Truth be told, a number of them stand out as bright stars and are worthy of commendation. My aim is to help car owners evade the bad mechanic, and ensure they get value for the money they pay for car repair services. From my experience as a mechanic, here is how car owners can tell they are being ripped off.

Overpriced repair estimates
This by far is the most common one and the easiest to pull off.  I always avoid signing blank repair authorization forms since the moment I turn my back from my car, the mechanic has a chance to add other things that were not there initially. A dishonest mechanic can decide to advertise some cheap services just to entice clients. Once the clients are hooked, they cause damages to the cars to create a need for more repair. If I fall for this, it simply means that I will end up paying more than I signed for.

Fake motor parts
The danger of counterfeit parts is that, safety is always compromised due to poor design, low quality materials and low durability. Some mechanics love counterfeits as they are cheap, thereby creating an opportunity for earning more. Detecting counterfeit parts is not an easy job, and that is what mechanics have hugely depended on.

Over the years, I have learned that counterfeit parts come with slight change on the logo or design that may go unnoticed. The designers change how the pack looks, for instance, instead of AZDelco, you get ACDelco. I have developed a keen eye that has helped me detect counterfeit, giving me more power over my money and safety.

Refusal to group repairs when charging
I admit that certain repairs such as water pumps are hard to do as the mechanic must go through other parts of the vehicle to reach them. This sometimes unearths more problems. But the fact is, whether the parts had a problem or not, the mechanic still would open and return it. This means he should not be charging that separately.

I have learned that this is a sign of rip off when my mechanic refuses to put such services under one payment. Other areas that mechanics have tried to rip me off in the past include replacing newer parts with older ones, persistent pressure to do repair, scare tactics to trap me to do repairs and many others. Be on the lookout for such things.