New Vs Old From A Mechanics Perspective

The most important and common question that arises whenever people want to buy cars is whether to go for new or used ones. As a mechanic, I have learned that each has its own advantages over the other, and the choice should be based on these. There are those I would recommend a new car to and those I would recommend a used one to. Either way, they both get value for what they offer. Below are a few points to contrast used car and new cars whenever I want to by a vehicle.

Advantages of a new car
Every new car has with it a comprehensive warranty that comes in handy during repairs and maintenance. This can be spread out between three to four years or 36,000 to 48,000 miles, whichever comes first, depending on the model. New cars enable the user to access some of the latest technological advancements available. They come with features and options that you cannot get in used cars. The best part is, I never get to worry about previous wears, bodily damages and mechanical problems since it is a new car and I am the first to own it.

Disadvantages of a new car
The most obvious disadvantage of a new car is the price; this is definitely higher than that of a used car. The moment a new car is driven out of a dealer’s lot, it suffers instant depreciation. Trying to sell a new car immediately after it leaves the showroom calls for at least 15 percent depreciation. The longer it is used, the more it depreciates due to tear and wear, even if its old parts are replaced with new ones. Necessary fees such as registration fees, insurance and tax are generally higher for new cars than used ones.

Advantages of a used car
The best advantage of used cars is that I get them at a price way lower than what they initially cost when they were new. Although this depends on how I negotiate, the price can never go anywhere near what it would cost when it’s a new car. In as much as the old cars depreciate in value, it is not at a fast rate as the new ones.

Disadvantages of used cars
It is harder to get financial assistances such as loans for used cars. Most institutions will not finance cars that are seven years old and above. Although I am a mechanic, warranties are still important. Private sellers do not offer warranties for used cars; dealers may issue warrantees but with limitations that would not exist in new cars. Older cars still use old technology that may be a bit of a problem to adjust to if you are of this era. They attract higher maintenance costs since some of their parts are hard to find, and generally the car will have suffered more wear and tear compared to a new one.

At the end of the day what influences the choice between a used car and a new one are factors such as the cost, the purpose I want the car for, and the cost of maintenance.