Pros And Cons of Buying Used Cars

Despite the fact that used cars are cheaper than new cars, people still have fears of them. I get a lot of questions as a mechanic regarding the advantages and disadvantages of buying used cars. People are sincerely concerned about what they will get for every penny they pay. Over the years my experience with cars has enabled me to have some knowledge of used cars, as I deal with them every now and then. Before I commit to buying a used car, these are some of the things I would consider.

Pros of buying used cars
Despite them being used, interestingly enough used cars do not depreciate at a faster rate compared to the new ones. New vehicles reduce in value the moment the first owner drives them from the dealer’s lot. If I get such a deal, I can get something of quality, at a reduced rate of at least 15 percent less than the initial price. If I decided to resell it, my depreciation rate will not be as high as what the original owner endured.

Some used dealers enable the transfer of warranties even when a resale is done. Some dealers offer default warranties for any used vehicle on their lots, and can even offer more for some nominal payment. Such deals make me more confident driving away in a used car. When it comes to fees such as insurance, tax and registration, getting a used car is better as the rates are lower compared to those of new cars.

Cons of buying used cars
Since it has been driven by at least one person previously, in most cases, it is a gamble. It is hard to know how the owner drove, whether they did regular maintenance, or kept to manufacturer’s guidelines among other things. This usually makes me go to the extent of doing inspections and following on performance records to avoid being duped. It puts me in a situation where I have to trust the dealer’s reputation.

Some dealers offer warranties, but most do not. This means I get to walk away with all the problems the cars has without anything to fall back on. Since I am a mechanic, I do my inspection before I buy. For none mechanics, I recommend you get a qualified mechanic to help you in this area.

Technologically speaking, newer cars come with advancements that older versions will never catch up on. Very old cars can mean adjusting to a technology that is way lower than what someone from this era is used to.