Things Everyone Should Own For Their Vehicle

Everyone who owns a car knows that buying one is not the end of everything. There are things deemed essential that need to be in a car to ensure your safety and comfort, as well as having repairs and maintenance done without a problem. While I always hope for the best as I drive my car especially long distances, on the other hand, I do prepare for the worst. This improves my security in case the car needs an emergency servicing and I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. It also saves me a lot of time. These things can be classed into three groups as below.

Repair and maintenance equipment
The worst scenario is when I pull over beside the road to change a flat tire only to realize that the spare tire in my trunk also has gone flat. There are certain tools that are a must-have in my car, whether I am going to the store at the corner or for a road trip. A spare tire in good condition is essential, along with it should come a jack and a tire iron. I also carry a tire inflator and a sealer.

A jumper cable is essential when my battery power goes low. Automatic cars do not allow you to push-start the vehicle as the old manual cars used to. Instead, I need to get a spare battery even if it means stopping another vehicle to assist me.

Safety and survival kit
Just like my repair equipment, my safety kit is always inside my car. This has helped save lives in emergency situations that involved my car or other people’s cars. Imagine being involved in an accident and not able to help just because you do not have an emergency kit to do so. A first aid kit with items such as bandages, razor, pain killers, anti-septic and other things are important.

A flashlight helps in case I break down in the middle of nowhere and it is late at night. Energy bars, fire starters, water bottles and a weather radio are just a few items that must be inside the car whenever I prepare for a journey.

Convenience and comfort items
This might sound like a non issue, after all, who needs such things? My experience as a mechanic sometimes means I go way out of town to do some work. Items such as blankets, USB charger, spare money, umbrella and tissue paper have all made my life away from home easier.

Having these things makes my drive experience safer and comfortable. I am well prepared for emergencies should they arise unexpectedly.