Top Cities with Progressive Production Communities

From the city that never sleeps to the hills of San Francisco, progressive video production communities are thriving throughout the United States. It’s important to plant yourself in industry hot spots if you are hoping to be a success in the video production business. Consider the following areas that have growing production communities.

New York, New York

Being home to the Tribeca Film Festival, DOC NYC, and the Big Apple Film Festival there are hundreds of growing production teams and communities in the New York City area. NYC is the East Coast’s industry giant and remains on many lists for best film and production locations. Last year over approximately twenty big title movies were produced and shot in this city. That doesn’t include productions from smaller companies and independent teams.


San Francisco, California

San Francisco has a reputation and awe around its beautiful hills and scenery. With minimum wage moving up towards $15 an hour by July 2018, it creates the perfect . The San Francisco Film Commission supports connecting economically challenged workers to entry-level job positions on major productions within the city. It also offers city-specific tax incentives for shooting films featuring the area. The San Francisco video production community has continuously been the perfect growing place for creative industry professionals and independents alike.

Chicago, Illinois

Many talented production groups spring out from Illinois. This is attributed to the Chicago Creative Pro Users Group. With the area’s growing success, there are many production services and iconic locations available.  Dozens of film festivals, independent theaters, museums, and production programs make this a thriving area for video production companies. Illinois is home to other production community groups such as the Illinois Production Alliance and the city of Chicago provides film resources for its citizens.

Orlando, Florida

After soaking in the warm sun rays of this south-eastern city, it’s easy to credit Orlando’s production success to the man with the mouse ears. Universal Studios is also another big booming company within the Orlando region. Although Disney and Universal takes up a large portion of Orlando’s production business, other groups within Orlando help to cultivate studios and communities in the area. Orlando also participates in an annual film festival.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is usually the first place anyone thinks about when it comes to movies, video, or film experiences. Hollywood is another Californian city home to a multitude of production groups. These include The Los Angeles Film & TV Meetup Group (LAFTV) and the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (LACPUG). These two community groups create a network of support and learning experiences beneficial to production teams within the area.


In the world of television, movies, and independent films supportive production communities have never been more important to the industry. Finding opportunities that will aid your video production company will be vital to your business’s success. Make sure to research and figure out what progressive production area will best fit your company. It’s important to place your business where you’ll get the best opportunities for your establishment and employees.

Are there some cities that missed our list? Feel free to let us know in the discussion section below this post.