Admire the Architectural Artistry of Singapore’s Iconic Helix Bridge at Marina Gardens Condo Kingsford Huray Illuminated by Stunning Sunset Views

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For those who wish to have the bridge even closer, they can purchase a unit at the Marina Gardens Lane Condo. Indeed this luxurious residence offers a truly singular lifestyle, as it is situated just Marie Centre and Marina South with easy access to the Helix Bridge.

For those admiring architectural artistry, the Helix Bridge is a one-of-a-kind creation that merges beauty and practicality. Spanning between Marina Centre and Marina South, the bridge provides a convenient passageway for pedestrians. Moreover, its stunning views, illuminated at night, make it a popular spot for photography, particularly during the beautiful sunset hour.

The Master Plan also emphasizes community unity. By creating new communal areas, activity centers, and interactive public areas, it encourages residents to be more socially connected. The residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo will reap the benefits of a stronger sense of belonging and improved social wellbeing. They’ll also feel more at home in a vibrant, thriving community.

A unique shopping and entertainment destination, Clarke Quay Central is easily accessible from the Marina Gardens Lane Residences. Here, you can find a diverse selection of boutiques, art galleries, and retail outlets, as well as a range of dining options. This mall is a paradise for those seeking an immersive cultural experience, and its vibrant nightlife is renowned for its vibrancy.

With a combination of the old and the new, China Square Central provides a unique shopping experience. Its charming shop houses offer a range of antique items such as furnishings, ceramics and art, while its modern retail stores feature a variety of contemporary fashion items. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this mall, from classic collectibles to the latest trends. Whether you are in search of a vintage piece or a modern designer item, China Square Central has it all. Not only is it the perfect spot for shoppers, but its rich history and vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal destination for those who appreciate the art of browsing.

The URA Master Plan has been designed to facilitate the expansion of the Central Business District (CBD) into Marina Bay. This has created a desirable location for multinationals to set up their offices, and residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo are likely to enjoy the advantages of living close by. Reduced travel times to and from work will likely lead to better work-life balance while also providing access to a host of complementary businesses such as restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, which are of great benefit to those in the vicinity.

Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Residences have access to some of the premier shopping centers in Singapore, offering an unbeatable combination of comfort, practicality, and entertainment. Within walking distance, there is a vast range of retail opportunities from luxury to casual, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Here is a closer look at the numerous shopping destinations near Marina Bay Condo.

For those passionate about sustainable living and conservation of the environment, visiting the Marina Barrage is essential. Besides its purpose of providing water and controlling floods, it is also an ideal recreational location for a picnic, flying kites, or simply taking in the magnificent views of the cityscape.

Marina Bay under the URA Master Plan is aiming to be world-class waterfront, with cultural and commercial areas to draw in visitors from everywhere. This will likely cause a surge in the number of outstanding restaurants, hotels, and retail stores in the area, thus granting locals improved conveniences and elevated lifestyles.

City Square Mall is situated slightly away yet accessible via public transport and is Singapore’s first eco-mall. It presents various retail outlets with eco-friendly choices, which makes this mall ideal for environmentally-minded residents of Marina Bay Condo.

The desirable location of Marina Gardens Condo near Marina Bay in Singapore is astonishingly ideal, providing an array of advantages that make it one of the most coveted places to live. Luxury and convenience meet in this strategic location, which offers breathtaking views, exceptional amenities, and convenient accessibility. Here are some of the key aspects of the Marina Gardens Condo’s prime address near Marina Bay that make it so desirable:

Kingsford has revealed that Marina Gardens Lane Condo will be a groundbreaking seafront residential project in close proximity to iconic Singapore landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. The project’s aim is to provide residents with sensational sea views and the extraordinary plus of being the premier development in the Marina South district. This site is the first of five in the Marina South precinct to be put up for sale. Situated on the opposite side is Marina Gardens Crescent, which is likely to generate around 775 residential units and 64,583 square feet of commercial space. This site is also distinctive due to its direct access to the Marina South MRT Station.

Situated just a quick drive or MRT ride away from Marina Gardens Lane Residences, Suntec City Mall is one of Singapore’s largest shopping destinations. Divided into four distinct zones, this mall offers a broad range of stores catering to a variety of interests. From fashion to electronics to groceries, it has something for everyone. Suntec City Mall is also renowned for its Fountain of Wealth, acknowledged as one of the world’s biggest fountains, and it is a popular place for visitors to congregate for good luck.

Marina Bay is a haven of dining, shopping, and entertainment options – and for residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo, they can have all of this right on their doorstep. The Marina Bay Sands complex is home to a casino, exclusive restaurants, and luxury shopping, making it ideal for a night out or an evening of fun. There are also many cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions taking place at the ArtScience Museum and the Esplanade, providing residents with a wealth of options when it comes to entertainment. Whatever you’re looking for – a peaceful dinner, a shopping trip, or a cultural experience – Marina Bay has it all.

Families will find it beneficial that Marina Gardens Lane Residences are located close to a range of esteemed educational institutions – both local and international ones. This proximity to quality education without the need to travel long distances is an attractive proposition for parents with school-going children.

Situated in a prime location, Marina Gardens Condominiums offer amazing views of the iconic Marina Bay. Residents can easily take in the beauty of the city by visiting the nearby Gardens by the Bay, featuring Supertrees and lush vegetation. Its proximity makes it easy for residents to have a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to leave home. Enjoying the tranquility of nature right next door, Marina Gardens Lane Residences GLs Tender residents can experience a peaceful living atmosphere.

Situated a mere stone’s throw away from Marina Gardens Lane Residences, the iconic Marina Bay Sands is an entertainment and dining paradise waiting to be explored by its residents. The towering SkyPark, opulent shopping mall, and world-renowned casino, together with its esteemed restaurants provide a plethora of activities and gastronomic delights that rival some of the greatest metropolitan cities in the world – all without the hassle of travelling far.

Marina Bay is a scenic destination that has also become a thriving business hub. Close proximity to the Marina Bay Financial Centre and the Central Business District (CBD) make Marina Gardens an optimal choice of abode for city professionals. Being within easy reach of work drastically reduces the time spent in commuting, thus promoting a better work-life balance. Additionally, the economic power of the area makes condos in Marina Gardens a lucrative investment opportunity with the potential for value appreciation.

Drawing up a comprehensive plan, the URA Master Plan sets out to transform Marina Bay into a world-class urban space. This revolutionary project involves a wide range of initiatives providing a multitude of benefits to Marina Gardens Lane Condo. Residents in the area will benefit from improved connectivity and better amenities. In addition, the long-term effects of these changes will be seen in terms of increased property values and an improved quality of life; these factors make investments in Marina Gardens Lane Condo an extremely attractive prospect.

The URA Master Plan is not just a vision of what life in Marina Bay could be; instead, it is a tangible roadmap which will guarantee a sustainable lifestyle with unrivaled quality. There is no doubt that the implementation of the plan will revolutionize Marina Bay, and Marina Gardens Lane Condo in particular. Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo will be able to reap the rewards of this transformation for many years to come.

Located just a short distance away from the Marina Bay precinct, Orchard Road is a shopping paradise that can’t be missed. With its numerous malls, it is one of Singapore’s shopping hotspots, offering a wide variety of stores for all tastes and budgets. From the luxury boutiques at Paragon to the trendy shops at 313@Somerset, Orchard Road is sure to please. Accessible and full of surprises, it is an unmissable destination for shoppers seeking the perfect purchase.

Bugis Junction is a shopping destination that offers a unique mix of vendors, ranging from street stalls to well-known retail stores. This gives an altogether different atmosphere than other higher-end shopping hotspots, yet proves just as rewarding an experience.

Those lucky enough to live nearby the ArtScience Museum are blessed with a convenient access to a diverse range of exhibitions which integrate art, science, and technology. The iconic setting of the lotus-shaped construction is a mesmerizing view, and thus serves as a focal point for those who adore culture.

The bidding race for Marina Gardens Lane Residences Tender GLS was intense, with the top offer exceeding the runner-up bid by 42%. Marina Gardens Lane Condo was second-highest with $727.04 million or $985 psf ppr. The 99-year leasehold property is designated for mixed-use, with a total area of 131,805 square feet and potential for up to 790 residential units and some 8,073 square feet of commercial area across a maximum gross floor area of 738,114 square feet.

Though they don’t exactly fit the definition of a ‘landmark’, these large shopping malls provide an unparalleled shopping experience with an array of international and local brands, eateries, and entertainment facilities. Perfect for weekend treats or family days out, they truly offer something for everyone.

Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo will be delighted to know that Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay area is set to receive even more leisure and recreational spaces, as part of the URA Master Plan. The plan envisages adding parks, waterfront promenades, and possibly even cultural venues to the area, which is already home to some of the city’s most famous attractions, such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. This means residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo will have plenty of local, convenient options for weekend outings, sports, and cultural enrichment.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is the epitome of luxury shopping in Singapore. Located close to Marina Gardens Lane Residences, the premises have opulent corridors and a bounty of world-renowned designer labels like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. It’s more than just a mall; it’s a fashion runway that brings global labels to life. From gastronomic feasts to world-class entertainment, there are plenty of attractions here to keep you busy for an entire day.

As Singapore endeavors to achieve a Smart Nation status, the URA Master Plan will feature plans to incorporate the most advanced technology into city infrastructure. Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo can expect smart traffic management systems and high-speed internet connectivity, enabling them to benefit from a tech-enabled environment designed for the future.

Marina Gardens Lane Condo at Marina Bay is a luxurious setting that grants residents privileged access to Singapore’s premier destinations. Besides offering comfort and refinement, living here puts one in close proximity to a range of cultural, recreational, and lifestyle attractions. Some of the unique landmarks near Marina Gardens Lane Condo at Marina Bay include:

Millenia Walk at Marina Gardens Lane Residences offers its visitors a more calm and tranquil atmosphere than its bustling neighbors. Specializing in lifestyle and home decor, this shopping center is ideal for those looking to give their condo a makeover or find unique home accessories. Moreover, the mall features boutique stores and gourmet eateries that perfectly cater to the preferences of Marina Bay Condo residents.

Located adjacent to the iconic Raffles Hotel, Raffles City Shopping Centre is a unique blend of modernity and heritage at Marina Bay. The shopping mall features more than 200 stores, from high-end labels to more budget-friendly brands, in addition to supermarkets and cinemas. Its convenient location and vibrant selection make it a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Property values tend to increase in areas undergoing significant renovation and modernization. With its ambitious projects to boost connectivity, boost commercial attractiveness, and build up lifestyle facilities, the URA Master Plan is likely to make Marina Bay a more desirable residential area. Consequently, investing in a property like Marina Gardens Lane Condo is expected to bring fruitful returns in the future.

Situated in the emerging Marina South precinct, the Marina Gardens Condo is well-positioned to take advantage of the area’s future growth. With multiple parcels of land ready for development, the district is already drawing considerable investment and is set to become an increasingly vibrant neighbourhood. As more houses and commercial spaces come online, the condo makes a smart choice for prospective buyers.

The area surrounding Marina Bay has been designed with sustainability in focus. Environmentally-friendly practices are a key component of this area’s development, presenting an advantage to eco-minded locals. Not only does this arrangement benefit the environment at large, it also elevates the lifestyle of the people who reside within it.

The Marina Gardens Lane Condo’s URA Master Plan is dedicated to sustainability, incorporating initiatives to boost foliage, water bodies, and incorporate eco-friendly technologies into buildings and infrastructure. By doing so, not only will the quality of life for the residents of this condo be improved, but property values may grow over time too.

Located nearby the Singapore Flyer, residents can easily enjoy a relaxing journey to marvel at the breathtaking vistas of the city. The Flyer offers a special viewpoint of Marina Bay’s skyline and, if the sky is clear, views that stretch out to certain regions of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Situated a short distance away is the Merlion Park, a location renowned for housing Singapore’s well-known mythical mascot. People can have a leisurely stroll through the park or use it as part of their running route. Its ease of access makes it an ideal spot for both daytime and night time recreational activities.

Life at Marina Gardens Lane Residences is nothing short of luxurious. Situated in a prime location, residents are gifted with breathtaking views of the skyline, immaculate public spaces, and access to unparalleled amenities. With such close proximity to Marina Bay, residents will be treated to a lifestyle that is simply incomparable.

At Marina Gardens Condo, the ultimate dream of living in Singapore is brought to life. Offering breathtaking views of Marina Bay and a conveniently central location, Marina Gardens Lane Residences is the perfect spot to soak up the best of what the country has to offer. From the natural beauty of the Bay to exciting urban activities, and from its unrivaled convenience to future growth prospects, Marina Gardens Condo is the perfect place to call home. With its prime location and incredible amenities, Marina Gardens Lane Residences has everything you could ask for in a Singaporean home.

One of the central objectives of the URA Master Plan is to enhance the overall connectivity in the Marina Bay area. Planned additions, such as new MRT stops and bus services, mean that residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo will have significantly improved access to other parts of Singapore, including central business districts and popular tourist spots. This is of great benefit to professionals who have to move between different parts of the city for work, as well as for families who have to take their children to school.

The URA is renowned for their comprehensive approach to urban planning, frequently integrating high-grade educational institutions into newly developed or rejuvenated local neighborhoods. Undoubtedly, as Marina Bay continues to expand, this would imply new schools or educational facilities, thus granting citizens residing in Marina Gardens Lane Condo simpler access to quality learning for their little ones.

At Marina Gardens Lane Residences, a wealth of sports and recreation facilities are available. Residents also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, with a range of parks, jogging tracks, and gyms in the surrounding Marina Bay area. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll, a more energetic kayaking or cycling expedition, there is something for everyone.

Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Condo are at the beating heart of Singapore’s most prominent and iconic area. With outstanding sites nearby, be it a short stroll or a short drive away, the condominium provides a lifestyle that other residential complexes can only dream of. It’s not just about luxury living; it’s about existing in a cosmopolitan culture that places Singapore on the world map.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences, a new development situated at the centre of Marina South, drew four bids in a competitive tender. The highest offer of $1.034 billion was put forward by a consortium comprising Kingsford Huray Development (a subsidiary of China’s Kingsford Group), Obsidian Development, and Polarix Cultural & Science Park Investment. This bid is estimated to translate into a land rate of $1,402 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr).

Living in the neighborhood of Gardens by the Bay is like having a world-renowned garden right in your backyard. At Marina Gardens Lane Residences, you will find the breath-taking Supertree Grove, a selection of vertical gardens resembling trees, providing a sustainable environment for a variety of ferns, vines, and orchids. Furthermore, the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatories present a unique diversity of plants, both aesthetically pleasing and educational.

Located just a short drive from Marina Bay Condo, VivoCity is one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore. Not only does it offer great retail shopping, but the mall features a variety of entertainment and dining options. Take in the stunning views of the sea from the rooftop park, or experience one of the largest cinema complexes in the country. VivoCity is an experiential shopping and lifestyle destination with something for everyone.
The Esplanade, or “durian” as it is often jokingly called due to its unique shape, is a fantastic destination for those passionate about the arts. Located close to residences such as Marina Gardens Lane, the Esplanade plays host to a range of artistic performances, from concerts to theater productions, as well as boasting a number of art galleries. Therefore, living in this area of Singapore makes it incredibly easy to bring culture into your daily life.

The Marina Bay Financial Centre contributes to the opulent skyline that residents of Marina Gardens Lane Residences can relish. Furthermore, it provides a diversity of fine dining and shopping possibilities for them to take advantage of.

Residing in Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo brings extraordinary connectivity to users. Direct access to the Marina South MRT Station provides commuters with an effortless journey to other areas of Singapore. Visitors also benefit from easy access to major roads, making car travel a breeze. These outstanding transport links make Singapore’s attractions and amenities readily available, bringing a diverse level of convenience to Marina Gardens.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences grants you the amazing benefit of having a variety of shopping centers just steps away. From luxury and chic shops to unique and quirky boutiques, from cultural sights to environmentally conscious choices; Marina Bay has something to appeal to all tastes and preferences. No matter if you’re an avid shopper or just browsing the stores, the retail experiences found in and around Marina Bay Condo could be your perfect match.

Marina Gardens Lane Condo stands to reap the benefits of the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Master Plan for Marina Bay. This wide-ranging plan seeks to turn Marina Bay into a prosperous centre for residential, commercial, and leisure activities, thereby affirming Singapore’s place on the international stage. For Marina Gardens Lane Condo, the possibilities are plentiful, with enhanced connectivity, a cornucopia of lifestyle facilities, and an elevated property value among the benefits emanating from the Master Plan’s chief objectives.

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