100% Home Equity Loan for Adverse Remortgage

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100% Home Equity Loan for Adverse Remortgage
100% Home Equity Loan for Adverse Remortgage

100% home equity loans usually come in 5-, 10- and 15-year fully loan terms and in amounts as low as $10,000. 100% home equity loans are great for consolidating your high interest rate credit cards, loans, or other expenses. Plus, with many 100% home equity loans, you can get the cash you need for home improvements or upcoming expenses, all with one easy payment.

If you need a quick way to build up your home equity to $40,000+ there is mortgage cycling program that may just be what you need.

With a 100% home equity loan, you can borrow up to 100-percent of the accrued equity of the house. Technically a 100% home equity loan is a second mortgage. So, as with any second mortgage, make sure that you are up to taking the inherent risk that comes with a home equity loan. When you take out a 100% home equity loan, make sure that you’re not using the loan like you would an ATM machine and using it to pay frivolous expenses. Many have lost their homes in just such a manor.

100% home equity loans should not be confused with 125% home equity loans, which let you borrow up to 125% the accrued equity in your house. 100% home equity loans are safer in this regard, as the most you will ever owe anyone upon defaultin is your home and no more. Defaulting on a home loan and losing a home is the low point in many people’s lives. A 125% loan is quicker road to get you to where you never want to end up.

On the position side, a 100% home equity loan can help you pay for college, pay off credit cards, consolidate other debts, doing home improvements and even may be a cheaper way to buy a car than taking out an auto loan. With a 100% home equity loan there are generally no points assessed and even the possibility of tax breaks at the end of the year.

Good credit and a good credit history is generally required for a 100% home equity loan, though some companies specialize in working with people with poor credit. Some mortgage lending companies are willing to lend 100% with one mortgage late payment in the past 12 months. You’ll need to check with your lender to see if this applies.

When a 100% home equity loan is used for home improvements, there is generally no minimum time required for occupancy in the subject property. In most the loan proceeds are made payable to the borrowers, not to the contractors. In addition, most lenders will require no inspections after the loan has closed.

While many homeowners are jumping on the refinancing bandwagons, many people with bad credit believe mistakenly that they can not remortgage their home because of the blemishes on their credit history. This is simply not true. The sub-prime market has also become increasingly competitive even for those with less than stellar credit.

As a result, the adverse mortgage lenders have been forced to discount their rates in order to attract just this market of clientele. With the current market, having adverse credit need not put one at a complete disadvantage when it comes to a remortgage agreement.

It is true that many lenders will not touch those with adverse credit. Those who specialize in this kind of customer, though, know that with every missed mortgage or loan payment comes penalties and extra fees which send the borrower further into debt. It is these homeowners who would benefit the most from the ability to release the cash stored in their property and thus consolidating all their debts and allowing them to make a fresh start.

This is exactly the target audience of the adverse remortgage lender. No longer do borrowers need to be trapped into a vicious downward spiral of debt. Past financial difficulty should not forever tarnish one’s future. Things such as County Court Judgments, repayment Arrears and even late payments on previous borrowing can all make a black mark against your financial viability.

Fortunately, there are lenders who are sympathetic and can offer bad credit loans to homeowners and in fact specialize in just such adverse remortgage loans. By obtaining an adverse remortage loan, you can be on your way to better interest rates, smaller mortgage payments and a better chance at succeeding in the future.

The Equity Loans website is an information site devoted to helping people make the right decision in regards to taking out equity loans. Equity loans are not right for everyone so it is best for everyone individually to weigh the pluses and minuses in regards to equity loans regarding each and every individual situation.

Comparisons to Check for Mortgage Loans and Refinancing for Property Purchase

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Comparisons to Check for Mortgage Loans and Refinancing for Property Purchase
Comparisons to Check for Mortgage Loans and Refinancing for Property Purchase

Real Estate is one of the most important purchases for a family and there will be many buyers who are looking for the best mortgage rates available. There are many places to look at be it for taking up a direct loan or mortgage refinancing. In the course of your search for some sort of mortgage lender, potential property owners have sufficient resources accessible. Traditional lenders include banking institutions and credit unions. Typically the main difference between finance institutions and credit unions is the fact that banks are privately held, for-profit business and credit score unions are member held, not-for-profit institutions whose revenue serve to benefit the particular members. Because profits associated with credit unions are applied to generate better interest levels for its members, the home loan interest rates have a tendency to be lower as compared to those of banks. However, not necessarily all credit unions happen to be large enough and have the particular resources to provide home loan loans or mortgage refinances. On the other side, large banks are prepared to manage these mortgage mortgage services, but may possess higher interest rates.

Possible homeowners can also seem online when finding the mortgage lender. Online internet sites usually provide easy-to-use home loan calculators to allow consumers to quickly calculate home loans with different rate, phrase, and down-payment options. On the web mortgage sites are generally one particular of three types, an individual lender site, an public sale site, or a multi-lender site. Though single plus multi-lender sites are self-explanatory, an auction site calls for borrowers to fill out there a loan application plus allows them to decide on competing mortgage lenders.

One more option for locating the mortgage lender is by simply using a 3rd get together. A mortgage broker will be a 3rd party who facilitates a new mortgage between a lender and a lender. Contrary to a bank or credit score union, the large economical company originates but will not fund the mortgage loan loan. A mortgage agent can be compared to be able to a stockbroker, a real-estate broker, or an insurance policy broker, who will take action as an independent real estate agent to negotiate a buy, sale, or contract about the behalf of the client. Mortgage brokers function closely with mortgage loan companies and sometimes they happen to be able to negotiate together with the lender to get the best financing alternative for the borrower.

The main benefit to using the large financial company will be that, as they user interface using a large number involving mortgage lenders, they happen to be able to offer debtors more loan options as compared to traditional banks and credit rating unions. Therefore, lenders may be a viable choice for borrowers with less-than-exemplary credit. Yet , mortgage agents usually charge fees or even receive commission through the loan company for acting since the real estate agent on behalf of typically the borrower.

Another third celebration that homeowners can seem to for help using discovering the right mortgage is a new real estate agent. Realtors may have existing interactions with mortgage lenders of which can be used in order to help their clients get lower mortgage rates. Furthermore, because the agent makes reference a borrower for the loan provider, the lender usually comes with an increased commitment to typically the buyer to provide the particular right mortgage with all the most affordable rate.

A mortgage refinance refers to applying with regard to another mortgage to exchange an existing mortgage for the property. There are numerous reasons why borrowers determine to refinance their properties. One main reason is definitely to reduce interest expenses with a lower mortgage loan interest rate. Other causes to refinance may contain reducing the chance from a good adjustable-rate by switching to be able to a fixed-rate loan, liquidating equity into cash (cash-out refinance), or increasing the particular money term and lowering monthly installments. A mortgage refinance has the same charges as a mortgage, like loan application fees, mortgage origination fees, and assessment fees that must end up being taken into consideration.

Although homeowners will have in order to pay these costs advance, in the long work a refinance with a new lower interest rate probably will save more money. General, when refinancing for a new lower interest rate, the key deciding factor is in the event that savings on interest will certainly be higher than the full refinance costs and prepayment penalties. Some loans, specially fixed-rate mortgages, have got a prepayment penalty to discourage consumers from terminating their mortgage loan early by settling the particular remainder of the financial loan early. Homeowners will will need to calculate the entire expense of refinancing their residence to determine if it is usually the best option. Several financial advisors suggest of which homeowners try to find at minimum a two-percentage point decrease in their mortgage just before refinancing. Homeowners can in addition use online mortgage calculators to acquire a better estimate involving how much they can certainly save by refinancing. Nevertheless, online mortgage calculators normally do not take directly into account all the charges incurred with a home loan refinance.

Homeowners who program on a cash-out mortgage loan refinance to liquidate fairness for home remodeling, major expenses, credit-card debt reduction, debt consolidation, or any kind of major expense might advantage from consulting a monetary advisor. With a cash-out mortgage refinance, homeowners are usually refinancing their existing mortgage loan using a higher borrowed quantity. This results in a new single loan and bank loan payments that can become stretched over a lengthy term. Homeowners are encouraged to see if right now there are any stipulations or even requirements set by their own lender prior to replacing their home.

For instance, the Federal Housing Government has several requirements regarding cash-out mortgage refinances about their loans, including personal loan limits, the amount regarding equity that can always be cashed-out, and qualification in addition to eligibility requirements. Besides the cash-out mortgage refinance, right now there are also other alternatives available to homeowners seeking to free up fairness. Homeowners can also get advantage of other home loan products such as the home equity loan or even home equity line associated with credit, which generally have an overabundance flexible spending and pay back options.

Review for The Mountbatten at Katong Park MRT Station Launching in 2020

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The Mountbatten is another improvement at Arthur Road by Mountbatten Road by Bukit Sembawang Estates. The Mountbatten is the previous Katong Park Towers which includes 116 private units that is situated close to the forthcoming Katong Park MRT Station because of complete in 2023. In light of the most recent masterplan around the zone, Katong Park Towers is perched on a land size of 140,758sqft with a plot proportion of 2.1 demonstrating that a limit of 24 stories can be worked at the advancement. In view of the enbloc value, the land obtaining rate for Katong Park Towers is at an unobtrusive $1,280 psf ppr comprehensive of a $60 million of rent redesigning premium back to 99 Years. The Mountbatten speaks to a famous improvement in the Mountbatten region just as the Katong zone as The Mountbatten Condo is a skyscraper advancement that offers unhindered perspectives on the Meyer and Mountbatten region. The upside of the advancement is additionally guaranteed because of the up and coming Katong Park MRT Station that interfaces inhabitants straightforwardly to the Central Business District, East Coast Changi. The Mountbatten is likewise situated inside Katong’s rich and social legacy region and the advancement will revive the whole Katong territory. Please see review here for The Mountbatten that is launching in 2020.

The Mountbatten Located at District 15 Singapore City Fringe Development Katong MRT Station
The Mountbatten Located at District 15 Singapore City Fringe Development Katong MRT Station

The Mountbatten Located at District 15 Near to Katong Park and Meyer Road

District 15 has consistently been one of the most profoundly looked for after private area in Singapore because of the way that it is close to East Coast just as to the Central Business District. The Mountbatten found situated at the exceptionally pined for District 15 is a prime local location particularly for improvements along Mountbatten Road just as Meyer Road. The private enclave has numerous mark improvements other than the up and coming The Mountbatten and there are likewise a wide scope of pleasantries to take into account the inhabitants around The Mountbatten and Meyer Road territory. The Mountbatten highlights a private enclave that is near the city but then situated in a peaceful piece of Mountbatten Road making it perhaps the best spot to remain in for your family. The advancements along Mountbatten Road and Katong Park have customary delighted in great rental returns and in this way The Mountbatten is an incredible speculation open door for purchasers who are searching for a fresh out of the plastic new improvement near the city.

The Mountbatten Located Near to Established Schools and Education Centres at Katong Meyer Road
The Mountbatten Located Near to Established Schools and Education Centres at Katong Meyer Road

If you don’t mind see the beneath for more advantages with respect to The Mountbatten at District 15.

Area 15 is situated along the city edge of Singapore just as east coast and is one of the most exceptionally looked for after private areas in Singapore as it a short drive away from city just as to Orchard also. Region 15 stays one of the most open territories of Singapore and there are numerous local people just as outsiders who are enthused about the area as it give a decent parity of remaining nearby to the city without addressing high as can be costs contrasted with the center downtown area. The Mountbatten situated at District 15 is likewise acclaimed for a large number of restaurants situated at East Coast, Mountbatten Road and Tanjong Katong. A large number of the shophouses at Tanjong Katong are loaded up with signature neighborhood charms just as global cooking styles making the region an ideal play for possess remain. There is likewise a wide scope of strip malls that are accessible close to The Mountbatten.

Mountbatten region is additionally near numerous vendor habitats that serves numerous bona fide Singapore nearby dishes at low costs. These seller communities are galore and many get great surveys for the nourishment accessible at these peddler places. The closest seller community to The Mountbatten would be Jalan Batu Hawker Center which is only a short leave. A portion of the slows down that get great audits incorporate Hainan Cooked Food Stall and Chai Kee Roasted Chicken Rice. Together with other mark nourishment alternatives accessible at your entryway step, eating out regularly after work turns into a truly suitable choice for occupants of The Mountbatten.

The Mountbatten Located Near to Meyer Road by Bukit Sembawang Estates
The Mountbatten Located Near to Meyer Road by Bukit Sembawang Estates

The area of The Mountbatten is likewise close to the Central Business District as it is effectively open by means of Meyer Road or East Coast Parkway (ECP). In this way, occupants who work in the center downtown area will find that the area of The Mountbatten helpful and this would draw in inhabitants too who is working in Raffles Place or City Hall. There will be a progressing supply of new occupants hoping to work in the CBD and leasing in Mountbatten.

Different courtesies close to The Mountbatten incorporate schools and emergency clinics which are significant for purchasers of The Mountbatten for possess remain. Together with the accessibility of open vehicle choices, The Mountbatten is really one of the most famous and advantageous area to remain at in Katong Park region.

The Mountbatten is arranged at The Mountbatten Road and the region comprise of numerous transportation choices to travl to different pieces of Singapore. Specifically, another MRT Station called Katong Park will be accessible soon in 2023 and this makes it simple to access to different pieces of Singapore and the MRT Station is only 2 mins leave. Future occupants of The Mountbatten can appreciate this additional element when it finishes. Additionally The Mountbatten is situated close to Mountbatten Road and Meyer Road and along these lines this makes it simple to make a trip to the city just as to East Coast Park. Transportation won’t be a problem right now Singapore right where The Mountbatten is situated at.

The Mountbatten Near to Meyer Road and East Coast Parkway
The Mountbatten Near to Meyer Road and East Coast Parkway

Likewise, for purchasers who are driving their own vehicle regularly to drive to and from work, Tengah Plantation EC The Mountbatten area is additionally fantastic. This is on the grounds that the 2 significant interstates East Coast Parkway (ECP) and Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE). The 2 turnpikes interfaces you to numerous pieces of Singapore including Paya Lebar, Changi Airport and Punggol. Subsequently, occupants of The Mountbatten can venture out to different pieces of Singapore effectively and less time is expected to travel making it the ideal brought together spot to remain for your family.

Being situated close to esteemed schools is one of the most significant thing with regards to land choice. It is a significant thought with regards to property buy in light of the fact that typically critical measure of time is utilized to spend on voyaging and sending the children to class. In this manner, numerous purchasers will take a gander at the closeness of schools close by before thought of a property buy. Specifically, locale 15 has consistently been a customary spot of good instructive establishments from grade schools to tertiary foundations making it an all adjusted spot for home remain. A portion of the top schools are situated inside a couple of moments leave The Mountbatten and this implies lesser time is expected to make a trip to and from school ordinary. Subsequently, a shorter time is expected to go back home and the kids can have more rest or different exercises too. A portion of the schools situated close to The Mountbatten incorporate the beneath.

Broadrick Secondary School
Canadian International School Singapore
Dunman High School
Chung Cheng High School (Main)
Kong Hwa School
Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Tanjong Katong Girls’ School

Other than the schools recorded over that is situated close to The Mountbatten, the improvement is close to numerous childcare communities just as pre school places which makes it the ideal spot to remain and work simultaneously. The Mountbatten area really is a helpful a spot to remain for your family.

Being situated close to strip malls is additionally one of the principle criteria for property buy as this would imply that there is comfort for the occupants to get their day by day necessities. The majority of the strip malls are inside strolling separation if not a short drive away from The Mountbatten and consequently for customers who are searching for retail locations after their work, The Mountbatten would be a perfect spot to remain. There are a lot of strip malls in the area of Katong Park and Mountbatten Road which remember a total encounter for looking for your family.
The strip malls situated close to The Mountbatten highlights broad feasting alternatives and style available to you. The shopping centers give a total shopping experience what’s more eating and design, there are additionally different outlets close by including pastry kitchens and social insurance habitats and takes into account the princely person. The Mountbatten living involvement with Katong Park is in this manner complete with these strip malls close by.

One of the most famous mall close by The Mountbatten is Leisure Park @ Kallang. Relaxation Park @ Kallang is found only a short drive away and comprise of pretty much every class of stores that purchasers can search for. Probably the most one of a kind topical bistros are situated at Leisure Park @ Kallang and there are likewise many feasting alternatives and drive-through joints, for example, Long John Slivers situated inside Leisure Park @ Kallang. The strip mall is ideal for youngsters and children just as there is a film, a bowling alley and even a skating ring to take into account a progressively complete family understanding.

The Mountbatten Near to Work Place in Core City Centre Location Katong PArk
The Mountbatten Near to Work Place in Core City Centre Location Katong PArk

Katong Shopping Center near to Bukit Sembawang Estates Condo is additionally one of alternatives for a total shopping experience. Katong Shopping Center is found only a couple of moments leave The Mountbatten and there are many feasting alternatives accessible too. Katong Shopping Center takes into account the workplace swarm also and it may be an extraordinary alternative to eat in the event that one is working close by Katong Shopping Center. Plentiful parking spot is accessible at the advancement.

Other than strip malls and restaurants, The Mountbatten is additionally situated close to East Coast Park for the Bukit Sembawang Estates Condo which is an incredible spot to accumulate for some open air exercises. A few exercises are reasonable at East Coast Park and Kallang Riverside Park including cycling just as rollerblading. The Mountbatten Condo area gives the total open air involvement with these parks.

“From our unassuming beginnings as a main elastic organization in 1911, we have broadened into the advancement of landed property in the Fifties. In 1968, Bukit Sembawang was joined in Singapore as an open recorded organization to concentrate on property advancement, venture and other property-related exercises.

For over 50 years, we have been fabricating a portion of Singapore’s most notable private advancements remembering in excess of 4,600 landed homes for Seletar Hills, Sembawang Hills, Luxus Hills and in excess of 1,800 townhouse units in Singapore’s prime area including the latest Bukit Sembawang Estates Condo, for example, District 9 and 10. As one of Singapore’s pioneers in private property advancement, we have set up a notoriety for being a confided in designer of fine quality homes with incredible worth. It is through this steadfast duty that we have won various Accolades and Awards as the years progressed.
Our demanding guidelines have conveyed houses as well as unmistakable way of life homes where lives rotate importantly around. Homes that are portrayed by mindful arranging, extraordinary plan, fine One Sophia specifying and quality completing – regularly outperforming the desires for recognizing home-purchasers.

Bukit Sembawang Estates Real Estate Developer for The Mountbatten

We highly esteem the way that a great many families presently call our advancements – Home. What’s more, anticipate that a lot more should do likewise in the years to come. Our office is granted the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 confirmation for “”Arrangement of Property Development and Management Services””. This is a demonstration of our guarantee of conveying the best expectations of value and fulfillment to our clients. We esteem each client, each family, and we will stay devoted to making quality homes that land owners will adore, treasure and acknowledge – for a great many ages.

With a longstanding notoriety as a confided in designer, Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited has reliably conveyed unmistakable homes that are described by mindful arranging, extraordinary structure, fine specifying, and quality wrapping up. The honors and awards we have earned throughout the years are a demonstration of our guarantee of building quality way of life homes of the best expectations and fulfillment for each age.

The Group accepts that supportability ought to stay at the core of our tasks. Every year, we assemble more proof of the advantages of supportability for our business, the general public and the earth. We expect to keep on maintaining our conviction and promise to coordinating maintainability into our business and persistently search for new activities to convey long haul financial incentive just as make positive social, moral and natural effects.

As a main Property Developer, we endeavor to convey fine quality homes that take into account the supportability goals and ways of life of our clients. We are focused on building homes with imaginative and utilitarian ideas by incorporating natural supportability into compositional structure, building subtleties, development work and giving great upkeep and after-deals administration.
Since 2008, every one of our advancements have gotten Green Mark Awards and Quality Mark Certifications by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore perceiving our endeavors in natural structure and execution.

We place incredible significance on natural stewardship. Other than perceiving the genuine and dire danger of worldwide environmental change, we are focused on conveying excellent economical lodging improvements to understand the advantages of green practices. We additionally expect to direct our business in a naturally cognizant way and diminish our carbon outflows and other ecological impressions.

The Mountbatten Located at Katong MRT Station Singapore by Bukit Sembawang Estates

To more readily administer our natural execution, we have set up an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 guaranteed Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS). An Environment Sustainability Committee (ESC) was set up to lead and advance green activities in our office. In 2019, in acknowledgment of our proceeded with promise to maintainability, we have been granted the Eco-Office Professional confirmation (substantial until 2021) by the Singapore Environment Council.

Since 2015, we have propelled a yearly “”Plant-A-Tree”” occasion to counterbalance our carbon emanations. We intend to proceed with this activity and increment the quantity of trees to be planted each year. This shows our dynamic job in having an influence to relieve worldwide environmental change.

We endeavor to construct and keep up great associations with our representatives and the networks that we work in. We wish to make a communitarian, skillful and safe workplace for our representatives. Simultaneously, we are effectively associated with network commitment and administration projects to offer back to the general public on the loose.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee administers our locale commitment attempts. The CSR Committee chooses and does Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) exercises in accordance with the Group’s CCI rule.

Aside from network outreach activities, we have additionally given gifts to help finance programs run by altruistic associations including SHERA 50th Anniversary and Heritage Book, NKF, Sit-A-Thon, Bright Hill Evergreen Home, Bright Vision Hospital, Lions Home for Elders, ARC(s), SAVH, MINDS, and so on.
We perceive that human capital is critical to the long haul accomplishment of our business. We have found a way to empower the improvement of our workers by allowing them a chance to understand their fullest potential.

At the point when new representatives first join the organization, they are orientated on the Group’s the same old thing, strategies, corporate culture and basic beliefs. Our representatives are urged to go to classes, workshops and aptitudes programs when a learning need is recognized. Through these learning and improvement programs, we can manufacture a solid, fit and roused group outfitted with the pertinent ranges of abilities.

We perceive the significance of rehearsing great administration as a feature of our basic beliefs to take care of and upgrade our investor’s qualities and execution of the Group. We will guarantee our consistence with natural, financial (counting against defilement) and authority’s guidelines and guidelines (where material) through organized, hearty and straightforward administration. We will be similarly industrious in screening our providers to meet the satisfactory ecological and social manageability guidelines.

Latest Curtain and Blind Designs Available

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Blinds and curtains are window coverings meant to offer homeowners a wide range of benefits. During a sunny day, these covers offer homeowners protection from scorching sunlight. Also, they keep your home cool and improve their privacy. The truth is that the need to have blinds and curtains has extended over their basic purposes. In fact, they are now an imperative part of your home’s aesthetics by enhancing its interior design. More info on the latest designs can be found at The Mountbatten Condo showflat by Bukit Sembawang. The Mountbatten Condo is located right at Katong Park MRT Station.

Types of Curtains

Single Panel

Just like the name suggests, these curtains have a single curtain that covers the window. You can either pull the curtain to the side or tie it to get a beautiful, asymmetrical look.

Panel Pair

These types of panels are quite popular among homeowners. They feature a pair of panels on each side of your window. You can tie them to the back to have an asymmetrical look.


This is a short curtain designed to be hanged at the top of other curtains. Usually, they are either sold separately, or you can find them with other window treatment sets.

Window Treatment Set

Ideally, regular window treatment set consists of a valance and curtains. Also, some sets come with extra accessories such as curtain rod and tiebacks.

Blackout Curtains

These curtains are meant to prevent the light from penetrating the Altura EC room. In this way, the room can be in complete darkness. They are perfect for protecting your furniture and possessions from fading and UV damage.

Types of Blinds

Venetian Blinds

As a result of their versatility, the most common option of blinds are Venetian blinds. They are available in a wide range of materials and colors. For instance, you can find them made of wood or aluminum. The good thing about these blinds is that they are easy to operate, maintain, and install.

Vertical Blinds

Usually, these types of blinds are made up of pieces of material, which hang from the top of your window. You can find them on tall, large windows or patio doors. When opening them, you have the freedom to open them from either side.

Pleated Shades

These types of shades are made from various materials that have been pleated. They are available in the accordion-like pattern. That means you can raise and lower them as you want.

Roller Blinds

You should note that roller blinds are made of a wide range of materials that fit onto the top of the window frame. These blinds can easily be operated by pulling a cord that is attached to the blind by using a chain mechanism.

Roman Blinds

These types of blinds appear straight and smooth whenever they are closed. They provide homeowners with much-needed window coverage. Also, they ensure the light is kept out.

Korean Blinds

These are also known as combi, shadow, or rainbow blinds. In fact, they are becoming a popular choice among homeowners. Made of perforated polyester material, they are quite durable. Also, you can adjust the amount of light you want in your home by pulling the cord attached to them.

Custom Designed or Ready-Made Blinds or Curtains


As you know, budget plays a significant role as far as home improvement projects are concerned. Homeowners desire to have high-quality results at affordable rates. You should note that ready-made blinds and curtains are available at a lower price as compared to custom-designed ones. Therefore, they are ideal if you are on a tight budget. Remember that for mass-produced products, the quality of materials and attention to detail might be compromised.


The truth is that ready-made blinds and curtains are available in different fabric types, designs, and colors. However, a significant amount of effort is required to fit something that will suit your needs. On the other hand, custom-designed products allow you to tailor the design of window coverings to meet your requirements.


Ideally, ready-made blinds and curtains are available in different shapes and sizes. Thus, they will easily fit homes with standard-sized windows. However, if your windows deviate from standard measurements, then you will have a problem finding the right product. Therefore, you may need to consider custom-designed window treatments as they are perfect and can be customized to suit your needs.

The design of blinds or curtains will have a huge impact on the ambiance of any particular home. Therefore, it is a good idea to take the décor of the room into account.

Parc Canberra EC Hoi Hup Realty Floor Plans

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Your place of residence highly determines your standard of living. If you are interested in leading a unique and pleasant lifestyle, then Parc Canberra Condominiums are your best option. It boasts of an elegant design surrounded by all essential facilities. It is located at the heart of the Canberra Link and is under Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. Its prime location makes it ideal for everyone. The Executive Condominium is a few minutes away from the Canberra MRT Station as well as the Canberra Plaza.

Facilities Available in The Parc Canberra EC

There is probably everything you could ever need at the Parc Canberra EC Hoi Hup ranging from a tennis court, swimming pools to children’s playgrounds. It is the ideal place for families and friends. The serene environment will ensure that you will lead a productive and conducive lifestyle.

Transportation and Education

As mentioned earlier, Parc Canberra EC lies in a prime location thanks to Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. Transportation to and from the condos is relatively easy. The MRT station is just minutes away, and those travelling by road can take busses along Canberra and Sembawang roads. It is also near Central Expressway. If you have kids, you can also take them to the elite schools nearby such as the Chongfu School, Northland Secondary School and Sembawang Primary.

The Layouts of The Condos

You can choose from the many layouts available at Parc Canberra EC. Whether you are interested in buying a place to stay or an investment, you can be assured of finding the ideal design. Note that, when purchasing the unit, you could have it furnished or come as it is. To fully understand the layout of the executive Condominium, you can have a look at the site plan. You will observe that other than the condos, there will be a full-size swimming pool, a baby pool, tennis court as well as other facilities.

Close Proximity to Essential Amenities

Due to its proximity to Sembawang Shopping Centre, your shopping needs will be a few minutes away. You can access the different stores available in this mall at your convenience. The shopping centre has three basement parking lots you can, therefore, drive there if you so wish. Additionally, the Parc Canberra by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments is also near Canberra Plaza. It is home to several supermarkets, fast food restaurants, clinics and much more. To make your visits to Canberra Plaza from Parc Canberra Canberra MRT Station even more accessible, there will be a footbridge looking the two. Since the MRT Station is close by. Matters regarding logistics will be covered. Transport will be more efficient for those who are working further away.

Parc Canberra EC is the place to be. Not only are they cheaper than private condos, but there is a lot to gain by investing in a property there. You can also expect to get discounts of up to 9%. The Parc Canberra Hoi Hup on its own is self-reliant and has lots of amenities. Also, it’s located to nearby shopping centres such as the Sembawang Shopping Centre, Canberra Plaza and much more.

Phoenix Heights Enbloc USB Holdings

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In an amazing development in the situation the entire Phoenix Heights have been sold as one investment to an associate of OKP Holdings. The delightful properties will make a sound addition to their portfolio and will be a reliable gem for continued returns. This move signals that the market is still very buoyant and despite some of the gloomier predictions, appears to have plenty of legs in it yet.

Phoenix Heights Enbloc by USB Holdings

USB Holdings Pte Ltd won the bidding process with an offer of S$33.1 million allowing them to secure the 99 year lease on the property. According to a public statement made by OKP Holdings the purchase was completed ‘after taking into account the prevailing market conditions’ as well as the ‘prices of surrounding properties’.

The large 3,971.0 sq m property has been zoned for residential use but with demand for housing remaining high the new owners should have no problems putting their investment to work at once. Buying the Phoenix Heights Enbloc may have appeared to some to be a rash move but given the market signals and the company’s shrewd past investments this news could be a signal to others that the property market is far from cooling.

OKP Holdings to Construct Enbloc of Phoenix Heights

Construction of Phoenix Heights was completed around 50 years ago. The property still has 50 years left on its lease but the new owners, OKP Holdings have announced that they plan to apply for a new 99 year lease and there is no reason to think that they will be refused this.

The OKP Group also clarified that they would be using internal funding mechanisms to support their purchase and, where necessary, bank loans would be used to shore up the difference. To date the initial tender deposit of S$180,000 has been paid already and another 10% of the total purchase price is due to be paid within 14 days.

OKP Holdings Share Prices Increase on New Announcements

Anna Tan, the ERA Realty senior division director, was taken aback but very pleased as she said ‘The deal was closed after the new measures so it was quite a surprise’. Anna Tan was referring to the new measures recently introduced in an attempt to cool the property markets. However, as this sale shows, those measures have not succeeded in cooling the markets while OKP saw their own shares rise slightly by 2.27% or around half a Singapore cent.

Piermont Grand Project Details at Sumang Walk CDL

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Piermont Grand is an executive condo owned by City Developments Limited (CDL) which is located right in the heart of Punggol in Singapore. It is the only EC which will be launched in the year 2019 and offers a rare opportunity for EC buyers. The project will be the last with TID Residential that is a collaboration between Mitsui Fudosan and Hong Leong Holdings. The opportunity is rare since all other EC units in the North East are have been bought. A serene and unique lifestyle awaits future residents.

Piermont Grand Project Details

Project Details:
Project Name: Piermont Grand
Developer: TID Residential Pte. Ltd and CDL Constellation Pte. Ltd
District: 19 / Punggol
Address of Development: Sumang Walk
Gross Floor Area: 873, 378 square feet
Site Area: 291,126 square feet
No of Storeys: 9 to 17
No of Blocks: 13
No of Units: 820
Top: To be advised

Piermont Grand CDL Real Estate Developer Singapore

CDL which was started 55 years ago is the most reputed real estate company in Singapore. The company has 103 locations worldwide and more than five hundred group companies. It has developed a large number of integrated complexes, malls, hotels, residential apartments, offices, and service apartments. There are over 43,000 homes on more than 18 million square feet developed by the group. Many assets are under its management and its planning to have $5 billion in assets by 2023. The grouped has secured a large number of construction awards in recognition of some of the most iconic hotels and homes. It’s investors are offered excellent returns since it is among the largest companies listed on Singapore stock exchange. Piermont Grand will be its latest development.

Piermont Grand Facilities and Location Near to Sumang Walk

Piermont Grand EC has unique facilities such as clubhouse, guardhouse, indoor gym, 50m swimming pool, function room, children’s playground, sun deck, tennis court, and BBQ pits. The area will be accessible with Punggol MRT and Sumang LRT Station. Residents who like buses can use those along Punggol Central and Punggol Way. Those traveling to the city can use Tampines Expressway. There are many shopping malls located around such as Compass One and the popular Waterway Point. Some of the highly rated country club located near this project include The Tanglin, Hollandse, Singapore Polo, and Raffles town. Being the first world-class vibrant district, it will include a university, business park, and community facilities.
There will be different site and floor plan layout to cater to different family sizes.

Schools nearby include:
Mee Toh School
Punggol Green Primary School
Oasis Primary School
Horizon Primary School
Edgefield Secondary School
The 5th University – Singapore Institute of Technology

Living in Newton

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Have you been looking for a peaceful place to live? What is the origin of the Newton area? It is named after a popular British engineer. In the early days, there were large plantations in this place. It has transformed to be a residential enclave. The peaceful area is characterized by five class hotels. Kopar at Newton is located at Kampong Java Road near to Newton MRT Station.

Living Near to the City at Newton

For the last couple of years, numerous complexes have been developed in the area. This has made it a major economic hub. It is well connected by the Orchard Road. Do you work in the city? You can agree with me that indeed you have been having an easy time connecting to your workplace. It hosts several schools. These schools hold both local and foreigners kids. The latest development will be Kopar at Newton located near to Newton MRT Station by Chip Eng Seng.

What is the cost of properties in this place? Recently, property prices have been on the rise. It is centrally located near to Newton MRT Station. That is the main reason why many families prefer residing in the area.
The Life Church is located a few meters from the main Circus. Do you worship in the Church of Jesus Christ? You should never worry any more. It is situated along the Bukit Road. Also, there is Gurdwara Sahib Sri Sabha that has been in operation for more than 100 years. In fact, it is one of the oldest temples in Singapore.

Newton Food Centre located at Newton

Have you ever heard about the Newton Food Centre? This is a popular joint to the local residents. It has a rich history that dates back in 1971. After it was opened in 1971, it went through a revamp. It has been in its present state since 2006. What does this city feature? It has nice looking flowering plants. If you have toured its center you can agree with me that it is quite beautiful. What is the role of horseshoe design? Entertainers and buskers have full freedom to perform for diners. This means that they can have a good time as they enjoy their fare.

Hotels located near to Newton

To satisfy the dwellers, a private investor has constructed the Goodwood Park Hotel. It boasts of state of the art swimming pool. In addition, the annual durian festival is held in this hotel. Away from that, Emerald Hill is arguably one of the most photographed streets you will ever come across in Singapore. It has some high-class restaurants that are a great choice for a short vacation. This hotel is along Orchard Road.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Development Clementi Road

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Parc Clematis is one of the latest development situated in Clementi. SingHaiYi Properties developed the apartments, and it’s near the MRT station in Clementi. The property location was formerly known as Park West Enbloc, and the company purchased it for $840.89M. Parc Clematis constitutes one of the large enbloc in the region which has a lot of amenities. Its located in Singapore at a prime estate where there is an increase in sales as developers aim at increasing their profits. There is an increase in competition for lands in government land sales. However, there are limited plots to satisfy the current market demand. The group in charge of the development is a growing real estate firm aiming at increasing its market share value.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Development Clementi Road

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Clementi has impressive and unique facilities. Some of the facilities include a tennis court, clubhouse, sun deck, and a gym. It also has a large swimming pool, BBQ pits, and even children playgrounds. The facilities guarantee homeowners of full family entertainment. The development is located in a serene and peaceful environment. The company also wants to pay a premium rate and increase the lease period. This is because of the strategic location of the development.

Parc Clematis Location

The property is located at the Clementi MRT station where there are various shopping malls. The Clementi mall and the Grantrai mall are near the development. The West Coast Park is also nearby where there are plenty of outdoor activities. In the park, you can spend quality time with your family.

In addition, the development can be accessed from the East-West Line where the MRT is located. There are also several bus lines along Avenue 6. On the Commonwealth Avenue West, there are buses you can board to the city. Ayer Rajah Expressway is also located nearby.

Parc Clematis Commonwealth Avenue West

Clementi is one of the largest housing estates in Singapore. The region is listed as one of the prime estates with adequate amenities. There are several schools you can find in the region. The National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic are nearby. There are many coffee shops and shopping malls in the area. You can get to most of the amenities with ease from the development.

How to Access Parc Clematis From Clementi town

The housing estate is strategically located. You can easily access the property via the MRT train. Other parts of Clementi town are connected via the MRT station which is located on the East-West line. The MRT station is integrated to the bus interchange making it easy to link up from one place to another in the town.

The Antares FSKH Development Near to Schools

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The Antares FSKH development is a housing development situated near Mattar road. It is located on a prime piece of land which is near other housing estates such as Potong Pasir and Paya Lebar. The Antares has been situated in an ideal location to suit the needs of prospective residents. The FSKH development is equipped with facilities to make life more comfortable. Some of the facilities include a tennis court, clubhouse, swimming pool and children’s playground among others. The Antares is strategically located to ensure residents have easy access to transport. The Mattar MRT Station and Pan Island Expressway can be easily accessed. The road network that connects Antares to other parts of Singapore is also impressive. There are public buses available on Paya Lebar, Aljunied and Macpherson roads.

The Antares FSKH Development Near to Tanglin Club

Bidadari Park is situated near the condo where you and your family can enjoy an afternoon or a weekend out. You can enjoy some outdoor activities at the park. Clubbing lovers do not have to worry about where to party. Some of the best clubs in Singapore are situated near the Antares. These clubs include Tanglin Club, Singapore Polo Club, The American Club and Civil Service Club. Parents with school-going children do not have to worry about their children’s education.

The Antares Near to Schools and Educational Institutions

There are several elite schools near The Antares Mattar where children can get the quality education. These schools include Maha Bodhi School, Geylang Methodist Primary School, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, Bartley Secondary School, and Cedar Primary School. Shopping centers are also available near the Antares condo where residents can shop for household items and groceries without having to go into the city.

The Antares Condo Developers TA Corp and Hock Lian Seng holdings

The development will also cater to people who would love to move their businesses near the condo. The development will include retail shops and workspaces. The excellent transport network will ensure smooth goods and services to and fro. There are three office towers if you are looking for somewhere to relocate your offices then Antares is the place. The location of the Antares condo will attract a lot of investors both foreign and domestic. The property has also been developed by the best real estate developers in Singapore which include Keong Hong, TA Corp, and Hock Lian Seng holdings. The Antares will soon be open for viewing, and you cannot be disappointed. You should make sure the chance of living in the best part of Singapore. The Antares is the ideal place to give you the best modern lifestyle.

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