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Scott Kinsey is not registered as a commodity trading advisor with the Commodity Exchange Act. This means that it does not advise anyone in terms of the value or whether it is advisable to engage in trading commodity interests. This means that nay transaction which involves Scott Kinsey is entered into as principle.

This includes cash settled forwards, swaps, and limitation futures. This means that any communication in terms of making a transaction with Scott Kinsey does not include any trading advice from the company, intentional or not.

Materials At Our Website

The material produced is from the Scott Kinsey trading desk. Any opinions that are expressed may be difference from opinions that are expressed from other areas of the company. None of the opinions are meant as a recommendation one way or another. Nor should it be assumed as advice or an offer or solicitation in terms of sales for any financial instrument that references the commodity, physical or otherwise. It is primarily designed to provide information to our customers.

Activities at Our Website

During the course of the activities which happen at Scott Kinsey, the company may have set positions on financial instruments or effect transactions on commodities physical or otherwise. In fact, Scott Kinsey has a number of derivative positions that cover a wide range of commodities. The information that is contained on the Scott Kinsey site which references such commodities is not updated nor is there any obligation to do so.

Changes at Our Website

This means that any changes which occur to the information, such as basic data, market prices, and the like may happen without warning or indication. There is no obligation on the part of Scott Kinsey that such information needs to be updated, complete, or even accurate at the time. This is particularly true of all forecasts and information that projects into potential future events. Such information is based on assumptions of the market along with all other sources used to compile said information.

In other words, such projections are not meant to be historically accurate, but instead the best assumptions of those who make projections. The information has not been verified by an outside source and Scott Kinsey does not accept any liability whatsoever if anyone bases their decisions on the information present. The sole responsibility for making the decisions is up to the customers, not Scott Kinsey.

Limited Liability of Our Website

Scott Kinsey accepts no responsibility for the decisions made by investors, producers, or consumers who buy or sell commodities. The services of Scott Kinsey are intended only to facilitate such activity, not to engage in opinions or push investors, producers, or consumers one way or another in terms of what to purchase.


Investors, producers, and consumers of commodities may or may not engage in transactions as they wish. This means that such transactions may not be suitable for you. It is up to the investor, consumer, or producer to make their own decisions about engaging in transactions of commodities while bearing the full responsibility.

If you have any questions, please contact your salesperson at a qualified Registered entity in your home jurisdiction. They can provide the advice you need in terms of any transactions that are connected with Scott Kinsey .