Experience Luxury Living in the Sought-After Lentor Hills Lentor Mansion Estate – Approved by the Singapore Government!

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With wide open spaces, luxury amenities and also close proximity to popular destinations like Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, Lentor Mansion at Lentor Gardens is an ideal pick for young couples and families alike.

Nestled in the tranquil Lentor Hills estate, Lentor Mansion Guocoland at Lentor Gardens offers a haven of private condominiums, surrounded by a rich mix of landed properties and condos of varying sizes. This estate concept has been given the stamp of approval by the Singapore Government, with plans to cultivate a sustainable community that prioritizes pedestrian mobility and designs. Residents here can enjoy a range of luxury amenities such as lush landscaping, swimming pool, clubhouse, and many more. With wide open spaces, and close proximity to popular destinations like Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, Lentor Mansion at Lentor Gardens is an ideal pick for young couples and families alike.

Nestled in the tranquil Lentor Hills estate, Lentor Mansion at Lentor Gardens offers a haven of private condominiums, surrounded by a rich mix of landed properties and condos of varying sizes. This estate concept has been given the stamp of approval by the Singapore Government, with plans to cultivate a sustainable community that prioritises pedestrian mobility and designs.

Situated a stone’s throw away from Lentor Mansion, Thomson Nature Park offers a unique blend of nature and heritage. It is well-known for its conserved ruins of a traditional Hainan village, reflecting Singapore’s dedication to protecting both its environment and historical past. Those interested in exploring the history of the park can take guided interpretative trails with informative signs narrating the stories of years gone by. Beyond that, its lush flora and fauna always offer something new and exciting for visitors.

For those who enjoy the freedom and convenience of having their own form of transport, Lentor Mansion is an ideal choice. Located close to Yio Chu Kang Road, it offers quick and dependable access to the city. Moreover, its connection to the Central Expressway (CTE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE) ensure that motorists can reach the Central Business District (CBD) and various parts of Singapore with ease. Furthermore, the proximity to the Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) create a network of roads that make it possible to reach any spot in Singapore, from the bustling Orchard Road to Changi Airport for a holiday.

Thomson Plaza is a wonderful discovery in the neighbourhood, offering a tranquil atmosphere and an inviting setting for those who prefer a less populated environment for their shopping trips. This mall has an assortment of boutiques, bookstores, lifestyle stores, and eateries – all of which create a wonderful atmosphere for leisurely shopping trips and catching up with friends over coffee or lunch. The quiet vibes and unique selection of stores at Thomson Plaza make it a great spot for a relaxed shopping experience.

The Lentor MRT station, a crucial element of the Thomson-East Coast Line, is set to revolutionise Lentor’s connectivity. When fully operational by 2025, residents will enjoy convenient access to major sites in Singapore, ranging from the lush Botanic Gardens to the lively Marina Bay. The arrival of the Cross Island Line will further bolster this connection, making Lentor a strategic hub in the country’s interconnected transport system. The close proximity of Lentor Mansion to this transport web is sure to attract those who appreciate the value of accessibility.

Given its desirable location, Lentor Mansion is the perfect address for families seeking access to top-notch schools. The nearby vicinity boasts a diverse selection of academic facilities, ranging from primary to tertiary levels, making it a highly sought-after destination for those prioritizing educational excellence for their children. As a beacon of excellence, Lentor Mansion stands out as a premier address for families looking for the best educational opportunities.

Lentor Mansion, a pioneering mixed-use development, was unveiled in September 2022, representing GuocoLand and Hong Leong Holdings’ foray into the Lentor Hills estate. This was followed up by another development in January 2022 when GuocoLand, in collaboration with Intrepid Investments Pte. Ltd. and TID Residential Pte. Ltd., secured a site for the highly anticipated Lentor Hills Residences.

The TEL has great potential to enhance the links between the Lentor neighbourhood and the rest of Singapore. Once the line is operational, local residents will gain convenient access to Woodlands North MRT station, which will also serve as an interchange with the upcoming Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System Link.

For those who relish boutique shopping, MyVillage at Serangoon Garden is the perfect destination. With its diverse selection of specialty stores, gourmet groceries, and delightful restaurants, this neighbourhood mall emanates a charisma that strikes a chord with the sophisticated preferences of Lentor Mansion dwellers.
The rooftop garden is home to a myriad of native plants and landscaping, making it a popular spot for picnics and outdoor gatherings. Furthermore, with the Yishun Community Club next door, many of the mall’s customers have access to facilities and offerings that suit their lifestyle needs. In addition, the Yishun Public Library is conveniently located within the complex and is open to all mall visitors.

Located a short distance from Lentor Mansion in Northpoint City, Yishun, is the largest mall in Northern Singapore. Spanning an impressive 500+ stores and outlets, the mall provides residents of Lentor Mansion with a vast selection of both local and international brands, educational centers, banks, and health and beauty services. A highlight of the mall is its rooftop garden, which is an ideal place to host picnics and outdoor gatherings, boasting an array of native plants and landscaping. In addition, the Yishun Community Club is in close proximity to the mall, allowing customers to take advantage of its various facilities and offerings to suit their needs. For those looking to access a library, Yishun Public Library can also be found within the mall, open to all visitors.

Lentor Mansion provides its residents with an easy, affordable, and eco-friendly option to travel via the integration of Singapore’s public bus network. Passengers can ride on various bus services that provide direct routes to destinations such as the Central Business District, regional centers, and leisure spots. The strategic placement of bus stops nearby the development makes it convenient for individuals to frequently hop on and off, relieving them of stress associated with getting to work, educational institutions, or recreational activities.

Within a bustling metropolis that is forever in motion, Lentor Mansion marks a place to slow down and savor luxury. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, its parks and green spaces are integral to its commitment to wellness and sustainability. As the development rises, it stands for a greener, more responsible future – one in which nature’s tranquillity is never far away.

Lentor Mansion proves to be more than a mere residential address; it is a gateway to Singapore’s indispensable infrastructure. With easy access to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, the vibrant Lentor Avenue, and the modern Lentor MRT station, commuting from this abode to any destination in Singapore is a breeze. Safety, comfort, and speed are guaranteed.

Just a short drive away lies Greenwich V, providing an ideal retreat for those seeking a tranquil and laid-back shopping experience. Featuring a selection of alfresco dining options and lifestyle stores, it’s the perfect place to unwind and forget the hustle and bustle of life.

The Lentor MRT station, which is part of the Thomson-East Coast Line, is a short, sheltered walk away. The completion of the line is anticipated by 2025, granting inhabitants of the area convenient access across the entire island, as well as connections to all the other main MRT lines, including the upcoming Cross Island Line and the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System Link set to be operational by the end of 2026.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a vast urban park located in the heart of Singapore, providing those residing at Lentor Mansion with an expansive green area for leisure activities and communal events. The river meandering through the park has been given a new lease of life, with naturalization and increased biodiversity throughout. The expanse of lush lawns makes this park a great family-friendly destination, and with the inclusion of a wide range of recreational facilities, it stands as an inspiration for urban green spaces.

Those residing in Lentor Mansion are able to enjoy unparalleled access to a wide variety of shopping malls. Each of them provides a distinct combination of retail, culture and dining, representing the vibrant and diverse nature of the Lentor Mansion community. Residents have the opportunity to do everything from purchasing essential items to indulging in luxuries, trying snacks and feasting on fine cuisine, to enjoying entertainment with family or a little personal time. All this adds up to create an exceptional lifestyle that is unfailingly serviced by the vast selection of retail centers that surround Lentor Mansion.

Residents residing near Lentor MRT station can quickly commute to Springleaf MRT station to be one with nature or Caldecott MRT station at the meeting point of the Circle Line, granting access to the rest of Singapore. Eventually, the Thomson-East Coast Line will provide a connection to Orchard MRT station, taking citizens to Singapore’s popular shopping district.

Art and culture will be integral components of Lentor’s transformation. Public artworks, cultural hubs, and attractive designs will be blended into the neighbourhood, enhancing the lives of the people residing in Lentor Mansion.

Situated near the Sengkang and Punggol regions is The Seletar Mall, providing a family-oriented shopping experience. Occupying four storeys, this retail hub boasts a wide selection of stores and eateries, along with a cinema for a classic movie night and a number of children’s establishments for young families.

For expatriate families residing at Lentor Mansion, the French International School offers a unique opportunity to experience global education within a local context. This school provides its diverse student body with an international curriculum, thus promoting an international outlook amongst its learners.

Located in the growing Lentor enclave of Singapore, the prime position of Lentor Mansion promises residents unrivalled connectivity. This luxury residential development is flawlessly intertwined into the capital’s exciting pulse, crafted with convenience and ease of access in mind. Transport links such as cars, public buses, and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system mean urban excitement is never far away – a simple journey is all that stands between you and Singapore’s vivid atmosphere.

Educational establishments in the vicinity stand to gain from this revitalization, with high-caliber academic facilities and learning hubs being integral to Lentor Mansion’s roadmap for development. This commitment to education will not solely provide for the requirements of the families dwelling in Lentor Mansion, but also augment the area’s standing as a place for continuous learning.

The Lentor Mansion vicinity features a range of excellent educational facilities, providing parents with the assurance of their children’s advancement and growth. From kindergartens initiating young learners in the basics of education, to advanced institutions equipping future leaders, the schools in the area are a testament to both the accessibility and comprehensiveness of education available – making Lentor Mansion a gateway to a successful future, as well as a place of residence.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is renowned for providing a strong academic curriculum as well as a values-based education, making it an ideal institution for empowering young females to gain the wisdom and virtues needed for a prosperous future. Its convenient location makes it a convenient choice for families looking for a top quality girls-only education in close proximity.

Lentor’s transformation plans include the addition of healthcare facilities, to guarantee that its inhabitants have easy and speedy access to medical services. As part of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, it is also expected that wellness centers and sporting complexes will be built.

The much-anticipated transformation of Lentor is set to revolutionize the notion of luxurious living in Singapore. The development of Lentor Mansion will no doubt be the flag-bearer of this new era, offering a unique combination of advanced architecture and eco-friendly practices. Its residents can look forward to unparalleled comfort in a home that is also a tranquil sanctuary.

Residents of Lentor Mansion will be well-linked to the future North-South Corridor (NSC) once it is completed, which promises to be Singapore’s longest transit priority corridor. The NSC will serve to significantly boost northern connectivity, reducing travelling times while encouraging the utilization of green transport options. It will feature continuous bus lanes and cycling trunk routes, in addition to the prime expressways of CTE and SLE.
As an approximate of 1 to 2.5 plot ratio, the share of residential component presently stands around 330 dwelling units.

GuocoLand Limited and Intrepid Investments Pte. Ltd., both of which are under the Hong Leong Holdings Limited umbrella, are proud to announce their successful bid for the prestigious Lentor Gardens land site. Sitting right at the heart of Lentor MRT Station, the site encompasses an area of 235,371 square feet, or 21,866.7 square meters. This impressive plot of land is estimated to yield a gross floor area of 494,289 square feet, or 45,921 square meters, with a plot ratio of approximately 1 to 2.5. The residential component of the development is predicted to consist of 330 dwelling units. This will be the newest addition to the Lentor Mansion Condo.

NEX, located in Serangoon, serves as a prime retail hotspot within easy reach of Lentor Mansion. As the biggest mall in the North-East of Singapore, it plays host to a varied selection of stores, a hypermarket, eateries, and plenty of family-friendly entertainment options, such as a dog park and a children’s play area. Furthermore, its close proximity to Serangoon MRT and bus interchange makes it a convenient spot for spontaneous shopping sprees or planned family excursions.

Presbyterian High School offers a streamless transition from primary to secondary level for older students due to its nurturing atmosphere and its dedication to the development of character and academic excellence. The school’s presence in Lentor Mansion neighborhood promotes a supportive and caring environment which is ideal for raising families.

The much-awaited transformation of Lentor is expected to bring about a redefinition of luxury living in Singapore. To be showcased through the development of Lentor Mansion, the area will become renowned for affording upscale residences that are more than homes, but sanctuaries for those who reside in them. Particularly, Lentor Mansion will be at the forefront of this new era, with its combination of contemporary design and eco-friendly living.

Located a stone’s throw away, Nanyang Polytechnic provides an array of diploma courses that effectively bridge academic knowledge with practical skills that are essential for those who seek a more practical approach to education. Its proximity to the Lentor Mansion area is incredibly convenient and enables its residents easy access to tertiary education.

Lentor’s transformation is not merely about expansion; it is about sustainable growth. Environmentally-friendly building principles, energy-saving designs, and intelligent home solutions are anticipated to be incorporated into new buildings such as Lentor Mansion, reflecting Singapore’s commitment to sustainability.

Lentor is on the verge of a revival, transforming from a tranquil residential location to a thriving, self-sustaining area filled with the advantages of modern city living. The planned renovation of Lentor Mansion and the surrounding area encompasses sustainability, community, and interconnectivity. As Lentor moves into the future, Lentor Mansion is poised to become an exemplary beacon for exquisite, sustainable, and connected living in Singapore.

Lentor is poised for an unbelievable change, with Lentor Mansion forming the nucleus of this vision of a future-oriented transformation. This forthcoming shift imagines Lentor to be a focal point for a balanced melding of the city and nature, with improved connections boosting the lifestyle.

Those wishing to embark on a journey of exploration, Junction 8 in Bishan is the destination for them. Boasting one of the oldest malls in the area, Junction 8 continues to be a favourite for shoppers of all ages. Its vast selection of stores, along with a lively food and beverage industry, offers an unforgettable experience for visitors. Easily accessible by MRT, Junction 8 is worth the extra travel time.

The emergence of new companies and the construction of business areas are sure to result in a rise in employment opportunities, thereby stimulating economic growth in the vicinity. Those living in Lentor Mansion can enjoy the convenience of working nearby, shortening their commute and improving their work-life balance.

GuocoLand’s record in creating luxurious residential properties is undeniable, with more than 11,000 homes already built all over Singapore. Their dominance in the market continues as projects like Midtown Modern and Lentor Mansion have seen remarkable success.

A mere short distance away from Lentor Mansion lies Lower Peirce Reservoir Park – a peaceful and serene respite situated on the edge of a body of water. It is greatly admired for its abundant secondary forest and its huge diversity of species. Here, wildlife observers as well as all nature lovers can take pleasure in watching birds or simply savoring the calming atmosphere around the tranquil waters. The park provides pedestrian paths in the midst of tall trees which provide a nice cooling atmosphere, perfect for hikes or capturing the natural beauty in photographs.

Situated close to Lentor Mansion is the popular AMK Hub in the center of Ang Mo Kio. This bustling mall features a diverse mix of retail stores, supermarkets, eateries, and recreational activities that make it a much-loved destination among the locals. With more than 200 stores, AMK Hub caters to the shopping needs of those who reside in Lentor Mansion, offering everything from fashion to tech gadgets and home appliances. From families seeking quality time together to individuals wanting to shop till they drop, this hub provides the perfect shopping experience. An array of entertainment options such as the cineplex make this mall a one-stop destination.

At the pre-university level, Eunoia Junior College is renowned for its rigorous academic standards and vibrant intellectual atmosphere. Offering both the Integrated Programme and the Junior College curriculum, it is the ideal springboard for young people looking to pursue higher education at a prestigious university.

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School and Bishan Park Secondary School are both well-known secondary educational institutions within easy reach. Both schools are devoted to providing students with a comprehensive education as well as plenty of co-curricular activities that encourage growth outside the classroom.

Living at Lentor Mansion isn’t merely about enjoying close proximity to educational facilities – it’s about being part of an environment that respects and champions academic achievement. The numerous libraries, learning centres, and science parks in the vicinity further add to the educational richness, creating a learning landscape that goes beyond the classroom.

Situated in close proximity to Anderson Primary School, Lentor Mansion is a great choice for those looking for the convenience of shorter commuting times for their children. Anderson Primary School is highly regarded, providing a strong foundation for learning through its holistic educational approach. This allows the youngest occupants of Lentor Mansion to have more time to relax, study, and play.

Lentor Mansion stands as a symbol of transformation, an emblem of the vast potential and promise of what’s to come. This residential development isn’t just a new development; it’s a sign of what’s to come for the entire district, a representation of the vision and enthusiasm of an entire community that is ready to move forward into a prosperous and dynamic future.

Lentor Mansion is poised to become a popular residential address due to its advantageous connectivity and wealth of amenities and lush green surroundings. It is expected that demand for homes here is on the rise.

The Linear Park of the future is dreamed of as an expansive verdant conduit weaving through Lentor, providing locals with an extensive system of pedestrian-friendly pathways. Along its sides, the area will boast swaths of luxuriant greenery, ensuring that shaded walkways and cycling trails are enjoyed by residents of Lentor Mansion as part of their daily lives. This verdant corridor is expected to become a focal point in the neighborhood, encouraging a green method of transportation while conveniently linking various points of interest.

The Australian International School provides an educational curriculum that is in line with the Southern Hemisphere academic calendar, thus offering a superb option for international education that is accessible.

Arriving at a time when the demand for green spaces in urbanized environments is at an all-time high, Lentor Mansion is an outstanding haven within the city. Combining the best of architecture and nature, its lush, tranquil setting entice visitors seeking reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. Boasting an abundance of parks and foliage, Lentor Mansion is a true testament to how modern lifestyles and green spaces can thrive in concord.

The landscape of Lentor is set to undergo a transformation with the development of Lentor Mansion, a mixed-use development designed to bring vibrancy and convenience to the local area. Upon its completion, the new commercial spaces within the development are expected to provide residents with a range of F&B offerings, retail therapy options, and essential services within walking distance. This is in addition to the existing features of Lentor Mansion, allowing for a balanced mix of amenities for the community.

Located next to Lentor Mansion, Hillock Park allows residents to experience nature without leaving the comfort of their homes. The park, which offers a continuously rolling terrain, is perfect for those who desire a tranquil stroll or a more energetic run. Hillock Park also features playgrounds for kids and expansive open fields that will encourage residents to come together and enjoy picnics or other outdoor activities. It promises to be a perfect getaway for families looking for a truly immersive nature experience.

For even more convenience, the TEL’s integration with the North-South Line at Woodlands MRT station, the North East Line at Outram Park MRT station, and the Downtown Line at Stevens MRT station will greatly reduce journey times and help to create a more connected Singapore.

At the center of the transformation of Lentor lies the notion of community living. Through communal areas and shared facilities, the Lentor Mansion and its neighbouring developments will cultivate a sense of community, thereby promoting interaction and connections between its inhabitants.

Lentor Mansion is advantageous in its prime location to the soon-to-be-completed Lentor MRT station, part of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). This project, expected to be completed by 2025, will extend the rail network from the northern woodlands to urban downtowns and eastern regions. Residents of Lentor Mansion can take advantage of the convenient proximity to the MRT station, which promises direct and quick transportation to much of the city.

Mayflower Primary School is renowned for its dedication to fostering inquisitive and resilient students, and its convenient location for Lentor Mansion residents. This school is renowned for its vibrant learning atmosphere and pioneering teaching approaches, making learning both efficient and enjoyable.

The enviable location of Lentor Mansion ensures that its residents have a lifestyle of luxury and convenience. With an array of retail options nearby, ranging from lively malls to exclusive shopping centers, residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping, dining, and entertainment. There’s no doubt that living here gives inhabitants the best of both worlds – a place to call home with many amenities on their doorstep.

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